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Personal page

What can I do on the Personal Page?

a.  Activate / Deactivate power supply

Under the Register and Unregister heading, you can start and stop the supply for you or your employees, without having to do so by mobile phone. 

b.  Amend information

You can amend the information on the Personal Page, including personal information (under the heading ‘Uw gegevens’ (your information).  

c.  View invoices

Your monthly Park-line Walstroom invoices are published under the ‘Facturen’ (Invoices) heading.

d.  Look up history

To see your recent Walstroom history up to six months, you can look up your history via the ‘Historie en service’ (history and service) tab.  You can look up this information by date.  

How do I obtain the login information for my Personal Page?

You received your login information for your Personal Page upon registration. If you no longer have this information, you can request your login information for the Personal Page via this link.  

What kind of information does the Personal Page continue?

On the Personal Page you can manage all berthing activities for your account online 24/7. You can amend your personal information on the Personal Page. You can also add or change vessels, view invoices, set up reminders, view power supply history, and much more. 

Why the port companies have chosen another service ?

Why the port companies have chosen another service ?

The port authorities have issued a tender in 2014 to ensure that Walstroom in the future remains a stable and successful service for you as skipper. This tender was reacted on by several parties. Cofely and Park-line are hereby submitted tob e the most advantageous economic and qualitative enrollment coupled with rich experience in digitization of payments. Additionally it fits the vision that guided Cofely and Park-line in the future of the port companies. Increasing usability and adding ease of combining multiple (skippers) services in the future.
For you as skipper nothing operational will change. You can continue to make use of Walstroom, only now with a new provider. You therefore should, once, re-register with Park-line.

Become a customer

Can I use Park-line Walstroom?

You can use our service once you have registered as an inland waterway shipping customer of Park-line Walstroom. 

How do I register for Park-line Walstroom?

Please fill in the Registration Form . Once you have completed the form, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes that contains your login information so that you can log in and use the Walstroom service.

How much does it cost to become a Park-line Walstroom customer? 

It does not cost you anything to become a Park-line Walstroom customer. You can register free of charge. 

I have misplaced my login information, what should I do? 

Login information is not required if you connect to our power supply service by phone or text message. The automated voice computer recognises you based on your phone number. However, you will need your login information if you would like to turn on the power supply via the Park-line Walstroom App. You can request this information here.  

I have a shipping company; can all my multiple inland waterway ships use Walstroom? 

Yes, they can. Once you have registered as a customer, you can add more ships to your account. Each ship can use its own login information and/or mobile number to connect to Walstroom.

Does it matter which ship I moor? 

It is very important that you moor with the right ship. We link your mobile number to your ship. However, you can register multiple numbers per ship. 

What happens if I forget to deactivate the power supply? 

Go ahead and deactivate the power supply as soon as possible via your usual method. In any case, the supply will be deactivated automatically once the plug has been removed from the socket.   

You will receive an e-mail message each day, if you have set up reminders on your personal page ('Mijn Walstroom') – informing you that your power supply is currently active.  

How can I monitor my usage? 

The Park-line Walstroom App or the personal page ‘Mijn Walstroom’ always gives you visibility into your actual usage, costs, and the status of your power connection. You will also receive a free message each day with your usage costs.  

Does it matter which mobile phone number I use to activate my power supply? 

You must activate your supply with the number you registered. This is how we recognise you as a customer right away. 

How do I turn my  e-mail reminders on and off? 

Go to your personal page ('Mijn Walstroom'). Then select the heading  ‘Beheer SMS of email’ (manage text or e-mail messages). This is where you can specify whether or not you would like to receive reminders.  

I have already registered, but the system does not recognise my telephone number, what should I do now? 

Check your personal page ('Mijn Walstroom') to verify that you have entered the correct phone number for your boat. Enter your number in the following format: +31612345678.

How do I amend my information, such as a telephone number or a bank account number?  

You can amend your mobile phone number on your personal page ('Mijn Walstroom') or you can contact the Park-line Walstroom Help Desk at 0900 - 464 3 464.

Park-line Walstroom

What are the prices per Walstroom Supplier?

You can read the prices per kWh per harbour here.

Per wanneer kan ik Walstroom van Park-line afnemen?

Alle Walstroomkasten van Park-line zijn inmiddels omgebouwd.

At which ports can I use Park-line Walstroom? 

You can find an overview of the ports where you can use Walstroom here.

Which connection code should I use? 

You will find the four digit connection code on the corresponding Walstroomkast cabinet.

What type of connection is it and what kind of plug do I need? 

Each Walstroomkast power supply cabinet has the following connection type: 400V/63A/50Hz. You can connect to it with a CEE 5 prong 63A plug. Some of the Walstroomkasten cabinets also have the connection type 230V/16A/50Hz (for a CEE 3 prong 16A plug) or 400V/32A/50Hz (for a CEE 5 prong 32A plug). There are also connections for commercial use, the so-called power-lock connections. 

Where in the Walstroomkast power supply cabinet can I find the socket? 

The socket is located behind the door of the Walstroomkast cabinet. You will need a Rittal key to open the doors. 

Can I operate the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker by myself? 

You can operate the Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker yourself in a number of cabinets.  If you caused a short circuit, you can reset it yourself. Your circuit breaker has the same code as the Walstroom power connection. If you cannot access the Walstroom power supply circuit breaker, you can report it via  0900-464 3 464.

Can I make my own plug adapter? 

Please do not make your own adapter. There are plenty of stores where you can buy the right cables and plugs. 

I have 230V equipment. Can I use Walstroom? 

You can also connect your 230V or 1x16A equipment to some Walstroom power supply cabinets. In this case, you would use a 3 prong 16A plug. Please contact the technician for your equipment for any questions about using Walstroom power in Walstroom cabinets that do not have this type of connection. There are special products available on the market for this purpose. 

Will the power supply be deactivated if I disconnect my plug from the cabinet? 

If you remove your plug from the Walstroom cabinet, but you have not deactivated the power supply via your favourite method, the service will end automatically after a few minutes. This prevents others from using power you are paying for. In order to prevent problems, we recommend that you stop the supply.  

Where can I obtain a Rittal key? 

The Rittal key, which you need to open the Walstroom cabinets is available at the better hardware stores.

What are the kWH rates for Walstroom? 

The rates are determined by the shore or waterway authorities. You can find those rates here. 


I received a payment reminder, what should I do?

Please contact our helpdesk at 0900 464 3 464 or at (+31) 88 - 4685450

Where can I view my Park-line Walstroom invoice?

You will find your Park-line Walstroom invoice each month on your Personal Page, which you can access at www.park-line.nl/aqua. If you have forgotten your login information, you can request it via this link. Your invoice can be found under ‘Overzicht’ (Summary) and then ‘Facturen’ (Invoices). Click on the PDF icon to display the invoice.

What is specified on the invoice?

The VAT invoice contains all power supply costs for the past month.  Also the any other services you used can be found on the Park-line Walstroom invoice.

Can I receive an invoice each month for my usage? 

Whenever you have used Walstroom shore side power during a given month, you will receive an invoice after the end of that month. The invoice is also available in PDF format on your personal page  ('Mijn Walstroom'). If you have not used any electricity in that month or if the electricity has not been deactivated yet, you will not receive an invoice. 

Park-line Walstroom App

Which phones are compatible for downloading the Park-line Walstroom App?

The Park-line Walstroom App is available for iPhone and Android

Where can I download the Park-line Walstroom App?

The Park-line Walstroom App for iPhone can be downloaded here.

The Park-line Walstroom App for Android can be downloaded here.

The Park-line App does not let me log in; what should I do?

There may be different reasons why the Park-line App will not open.

a.    You might not have entered your login information correctly. You can only request your login information via text message. Send the word ‘WP login’ to 4111. You will receive a text within a few seconds with your login information (€ 0.15 per message received). CAUTION: the password is case sensitive.

b.    Perhaps your mobile phone is not connected to the internet or the connection is not strong enough. The Park-line Walstroom App is dependent upon a steady internet connection. Should you have any questions about your internet settings, please contact your telecom service provider.  

Help desk

How do I contact the help desk?

You can contact the help desk as follows:

Help desk Walstroom: (+31) 88 4685 440

Contact form Walstroom.

Contact form commercial shipping and recreational boating.


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