How does Walstroom work?

Become a customer, moor your boat and plug your power cable into an available shore side power supply point.
Activate the power supply via the App, by phone, text message or the website.
Deactivate the power supply via your preferred method and unplug your power cable.


  • Walstroom shore side electricity right away.
  • You can take advantage of the Park-line Walstroom power supply just about anywhere in the Netherlands.
  • You are contributing to a better environment.
  • You are shielding yourself and surrounding areas from noise.
  • You only pay for the electricity you actually use.
  • With Park-line Walstroom you save a lot of valuable time.
  • With Park-line Walstroom you save a lot of time updating your administration.
  • The use of Walstroom can provide you with a tax advantages

Find out all the benefits of Park-line Walstroom.

    Park-line Walstroom App

    Activate and deactivate your power supply quickly and easily with the Park-line Walstroom App. 



    The App for iPhone will be available soon.

    You do not have an Apple or Android? Then visit the Web App of Park-line with your smartphone.